Alice in Wonderland

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7 years ago today, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows hit bookshelves


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sun on the later side of things
hours of daylight still to go
I spread my lips for you
rip the voice out

your hands cupped you sing trick-or-treat
the season’s wrong but love
is something built on please
have this
and I’d like you to have this

if not that my knees so you can feel dirt
outside yourself and drink the gleam from my teeth
my voice is the big finish
brimming with your name

in dark rooms clinging to the walls
to the floor trod on the tune of elsewhere
summoned here summoned here please
have this


the words to the song are sometimes “already there” sometimes “already       gone”

wake up
go run
put cinnamon in your coffee
kill the roaches that live in the light fixture
bless your feet
smoke a cigarette
worry about the clot in your leg
do laundry
      at the cleaner’s or in your bathroom sink
wring things out
wash the floor
write for an hour
miss Todd
go to sleep
eat blueberries
peanut butter
feel bad about yourself
go outside again
read old white guys
realize old white guys are what you learned best
hate that
think anyway
don’t get married
buy some land
draw a picture
wash your shirt
take off bracelets
find your rings
think it’s too hot
the bed is too big
what is enjoyment
dream about
lift your leg
drain the clot
sing songs but not out loud
stare at the stove so long “OFF” no longer seems true
dream about
recite roommate poetry but don’t tell him
become a dog
pick up sticks
kiss anarchy
that just means sound
drink blue and be clear
pick up sticks
spray some Raid
war against the roaches
play it safe
aloe vera
it’s beautiful outside and the wind is too good
who was Ron Padgett again
no, Joe Brainard said that
make fun of California
be lonely
be done
miss everyone but don’t tell them
my mother made that rug
I wouldn’t tell, would you?
well what time do you have?
watch Buffy
eat chili
read old emails
feel juiced after work then fall asleep at 7
wish you were there you are here


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Click on ZodiacTarot for zodiac tarot cards for each sign.

..and click here for the web’s best horoscopes!


Molly Strohl (USA) - 1,3: Jettison series  2,5,6,7: Star Dust series  4,8: Fine Arts series    Photography

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We are torn between nostalgia for the familiar and an urge for the foreign and strange. As often as not, we are homesick most for the places we have never known.
Carson McCullers
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